Each member of the Jacksonville Chapter, NSDAR, is proud of the direct lineage connecting her to a Patriot who aided the cause of the American Revolutionary War through military, civil, or patriotic service. Our Patriot ancestors sacrificed their lives and fortunes to fight for the freedoms that we enjoy today. We honor their legacy through our membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution. If you think you have a Patriot ancestor, you can search the DAR Ancestor Database to see if he or she has already been acknowledged as a DAR Patriot ancestor. The database includes information taken from verified DAR membership applications and is not a comprehensive list of all who served in the Revolutionary War. New Patriots are added as they are proven through DAR membership applications. If you would like us to help you prove your connection, please feel free to contact us.

Abbreviation Key: Capt.=Captain, Col.=Colonel, Cpl.=Corporal, Ens.= Ensign, Lt.= Lieutenant, Maj.= Major, Pvt.= Private, Sgt.= Sergeant


  • Capt. Nathaniel Churchill, Sr.
  • Sgt. Jeremiah Keeler
  • Maj. Sanford Kingsbury
  • Andrew Leffingwell
  • Pvt. Joseph Selleck


  • William Blair
  • Pvt. Peter Brumback
  • Jonathan Doster, soldier
  • Sgt. John Gottlieb Neidlinger
  • Joseph Sumner, soldier


  • Maj. George Lewis
  • Lt. Ebenezer Cook
  • Pvt. Stephen Barnum
  • Sgt. David Durrell
  • Pvt. John Farrington
  • Capt. Silas Gates
  • Pvt. Eldad Corbett


  • Pvt. Edward Fowler
  • Pvt. Richard Nagle
  • John Poole, Sr.
  • Sir Robert Spedden


North Carolina

  • David Alderman, soldier
  • Isaac Baldree, soldier
  • Joseph Baxter
  • William Borden
  • John Bost, soldier
  • Adam Brinson, soldier
  • Pvt. Robert Carter
  • Sgt. Michael Dixon
  • Pvt. Henry Holland
  • John King
  • Samuel Sellers, soldier
  • Pvt. John Shears Olliff
  • Jacob Strickland, Sr.
  • Edward Teague

New Hampshire

  • Pvt. Edward Marden
  • Pvt. Samuel Root

New Jersey

  • Sgt. Daniel Gilliland
  • Pvt. Ezekiel Howell
  • Pvt. Meredith Jones
  • Capt. John Phillips

New York

  • Sgt. Daniel Gilliland
  • Pvt. Ezekiel Howell
  • Pvt. Meredith Jones
  • Capt. John Phillips


  • Pvt. John William Altman, Sr.
  • Christian Blough
  • Cpl. John Earnest
  • Pvt. Phillip Ferry
  • Pvt. William Gadd
  • Pvt. Henry Lushbaugh
  • Pvt. Edward McMaster
  • Pvt. William Pearsall
  • Capt. James Sample
  • Simon Peter Stough

Rhode Island

  • Capt. Eleazar Carr

South Carolina

  • John Adair
  • Lt. Josiah Allen
  • Burwell Boykin, soldier
  • Cpl. Keith Cornelius
  • James Darwin, soldier
  • Pvt.James Dowling
  • Lt. Henry Dyass
  • Charles Flynn, soldier
  • Sgt. Andre Guillebeau
  • Moses Parker
  • Pvt. Lewis Roberts
  • Pvt. Austin Stone
  • John Stubbs
  • Pvt. Solomon Wright


  • Pvt. Samuel Auxier
  • Col. William Bronaugh
  • Capt. Henry Cheatham
  • Lt. Spencer Clack
  • Capt. James Cobb
  • Ephraim Drake, soldier
  • William Hay
  • William Jarratt, soldier
  • Col. William Preston
  • Pvt. John Turnley
  • Capt. Leroy Upshaw
  • Capt. Robert White

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